Chris Buckeridge

Chris Buckeridge

Chris works with clients guided by the philosophy of helping the body heal itself. He enjoys working with people with ongoing pain or restrictions. He often uses ART (Active Release Techniques), which is suited to anyone who has had pain or limited mobility ongoing for some time. Chris comes from Invercargill where he was a retirement home caregiver while undertaking nursing studies. He then moved to Christchurch where he attended Ara and completed a Diploma in Science. His interest in science is a good fit for the evidence-informed nature of the Bodyworks Massage Therapy clinic.

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Chris recently completed a Level 6 Diploma in Remedial Massage from Ara Institute of Canterbury. He is also a Level 6 Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with Massage Aotearoa New Zealand, the professional association for massage therapists.  As a RMT, Chris must undertake ongoing professional training, teaching and/or research.

Chris also has a certificate in Outdoor Recreational Leadership and can be found hiking, caving, rock climbing (poorly), and kayaking. And if he's confined indoors he can  be found in the gym doing group fitness classes like zumba, step, or pump.

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