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Here's comments from some happy clients about their needs/issues: pain management, sports massage, general wellbeing. You can read more on our Facebook page:

Pain management

Owen C. "I came to Rachel a couple of years ago now after seeing several other therapy professionals with a sore neck, which I thought was a wry neck.  After an initial assessment, Rachel recommended that I change my sleeping patterns from lying on my stomach to my side and began a series of massages that have not only alleviated the problem, but has gone on to help prevent a occurrence with previous neck soreness or spasms resulting in the head being locked out of its normal position.  Further massages have helped with my overall general well-being and given me a sense that I am being proactive with my physical health.  I find Rachel easy to talk with, helpful and very professional in her approach. Her holistic approach has highlighted other issues that she has resolved, which has me maintain great health." 29 Jan 2015, via email

Beatriz S. "When I went to see Kate I had been having pain in my shoulder that radiated to my arm for several months. It had become quite unbearable. after Kate assessed where the pain was and how it radiated, she began with massage sessions. After a few massage sessions, done with great care and sensitivity to my tolerance of pain, the symptoms relented, and soon after that I did not experience any more the pain. I really appreciate the way Kate works, and am very grateful to her." 26 May 2014, via email

Judy H. "I have found Kate amazing has really helped me with my archilles and my hole left leg has issues. I have recommended her to 2of my friends that go regular say she is great." 20 May 2014, via email

Candice B. "I've been going to Bodyworks Massage for deep tissue massage for a couple of years now. I was looking for a massage therapist who could help with my chronic back pain, partially caused by osteoarthritis. From the first session, Rachel's keen knowledge and willingness to look further into the causes of my pain were a great motivation for me to continue with this therapy - not to mention the freedom of movement and reduction in pain after each session. Rachel has taught me so much about my own body and how to read it: treatment goes well beyond the massage table (though it is my favourite part) and into everyday life where I can listen to my body and, based on Rachel's advice and instruction, adjust posture and position to reduce pain. I know that without Rachel's professional and skillful treatments, the last two years would have been a lot harder - physically, mentally and emotionally. What started as a simple attempt to remedy a physical ailment has grown into something far more valuable... anyone who suffers chronic pain will appreciate the significance of that. I recommend Bodyworks Massage to anyone and everyone looking for excellent, effective massage therapy." 27 March 2013, via webform

Rebecca P. "I can thoroughly recommend Rachel as someone with excellent technical skill, and unsurpassed knowledge of the body and bio mechanics. I have dramatically reduced my need for chiropractic adjustments since seeing her, but it is for the dramatic improvement in body awareness and body acceptance that I will remember her most for. I wish that she were in Sydney, though Christchurch is lucky to have a practitioner of such note! Thank you Rachel for all of your help!" 27 February 2013, via webform

Kathy B. " Rachel is awesome. I have had many massages and most of them have been a little too 'fluffy' and relaxing, with the masseuse only going through their set routine. But what I appreciate most about her is that she attentively listens to what areas are bothering me (including any emotional situations) and adjusts the massage to suit. Tough week? Let's try some relaxing balm with the massage. In the past year that I have been seeing Rachel, I have had fewer migraines and aches and pains. She is even dealing with my dodgy ankle! But more importantly, she teaches me exercises to do to lessen the pain in my body. Her guidance helps me to take better care of my body not only in between appointments but for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone!" 26 February 2013, via webform

Adrienne F. "I would recommend Rachel to everyone - she has stopped the pain in my sciatic nerve (she was told this was a sciatic nerve problem, however work in the piriformis muscle has helped - Rachel) and alleviated my neck problems. She is the best I have ever had." 26 February 2013, via webform

Bebe F.  "Rachel really knows her stuff. I came to her with a very sore neck and shoulder, and she was able to hone straight in on the specific muscles and spots that needed attention. I went into the session feeling like my shoulders were up around my ears - very tense and very painful. I left feeling much lighter! Today, no pain, and a lot of relief. I highly recommend Rachel for therapeutic massage, or even if you just need a good relaxation massage. The thermal stone treatment is a lovely treat too, it left my muscles feeling soft and supple. I'm a convert." 10 January 2012, via email

Reece M. “Rachel has given me better understanding of my body especially in my trouble areas. She has also given me the knowledge to help myself which along with the sessions has reduced my pain significantly, something that none of the other numerous professionals I have visited or pain killers were able to do. Would definitely recommend her."  10 November 2011, via email

Kama B. “As someone who has simply put up with a lot of joint and muscle pain most of my life without obtaining proper treatment, a therapeutic massage was always something I wanted to try but never seemed to get around to. After the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010/2011, my stress levels were at a high, I was working long, physical hours, and I felt like my body was on the verge of shutting down. One session with Rachel at Bodyworks was all it took to convince me of the benefits of massage therapy. I walked out of my session feeling like a new person, able to freely move limbs and joints again that were previously extremely seized up and sore. Rachel was able to identify and treat problem areas in my body that I wasn’t even aware of. I have since also had a thermal stone massage which was one of the most relaxing experiences of my life and I would highly recommend for stress relief! Rachel was professional and thorough in all aspects of her work, from the simple online booking process, to assessment, to the massage itself, and offered sound practical advice for treatments I could perform myself at home, which were much appreciated. It is my pleasure to give this endorsement of Rachel and Bodyworks Massage Therapy, and I will certainly be returning myself for more sessions, as should you!” 9 August 2011, LinkedIn

Sports massage

Jan H. "I approached Rachel to support my training for a half marathon. I had battled ITB Syndrome for the past 2 years and had pretty much given up on running long distances again. Rachel's treatment and advice has helped me to increase my training volumes and I am once again contemplating my next challenge." 8 Feb 2015, via webfor

Richard W. "Rachel has worked on my muscles for a few years now has solved a number of problems. My IT band issue that had plagued me for a number of years is no longer an issue. Regular visits have kept me with better flexibility and an overall better feeling of health. Rachel often offers solutions to other issues that arise from poor posture through to running technique. The clinic is a professionally run establishment and I recommend that anyone who is training for any event pay a visit. The massages have improved my running, cycling and swimming." 4 Feb 2015, via email

Tim F. "Rachel is very approachable and has an incredible knowledge base of the working of muscle groups and what makes them "tick" or in most cases "ache". I would strongly recommend her for anyone from a couch potato through to a professional athlete." 26 February 2013, via webform

Sel L. "What I love about Rachel is she’s “no bullshit”. If you’re after a fluffy masseuse then I’m sure she’d love to accommodate you, but she’s honest. She tells me when I’ve got something wrong & if I’m not doing something I should be. She’s also a massage therapist that continues to learn. She’s not one of those who went and learned what she needed and continues to practice that 10 years later. She’s always searching for new techniques that could compliment her services and benefit her clients, and she’s not afraid to trot these out."24 August 2012, Full comments on her Blog

Bill K. "This is a note to thank you for your help in readying my aging 71yr old body for my recent 24hr walking (Rogaining) competition in Australia. The strained calf muscle that you worked on gave me no problem at all.  Even more important for me is how much my flexibility and general well-being has improved following the myofascial work you have done on my back and glutes, in particular. This increased flexibility was very evident on our camping trip using hikers tents. For the first time in years I was able to live in the tent and move in and out without any stiffness or pain at all. That made the camping super-enjoyable.  I hope you will continue with maintenance massage and return to specific treatment if any stiffness or injury returns.
Thank you once again." 25 June 2012, via email

Nick J. "Rachel was fantastic in sorting out my knee issues prior to doing the Motatapu bike race. She quickly found what the issue was and set about sorting it out. I would recommend Rachel to anyone needing a sports massage." 23 March 2012, via webform

Sam S. (fighter in the Fight For Christchurch) "Rachel had been keen to take part in the fight, so when she heard that I was nursing a few injuries, she jumped at the chance to help out. I've been going to her regularly over the last three months, and she has fixed niggles in my hand, back, neck and legs, among other things. I highly recommend her." 25 November 2011, The Press online

Nick D. “I have had trouble with a recurring knee injury for several years (diagnosed as patella tendonitis), and tended to avoid exercises that would cause more pain as a result, while having to wear a knee brace for all exercise. Since moving to Christchurch for work (post-earthquakes), and the ensuing weight gain, it became clear that more exercise was needed. As part of the recovery from this I decided to try massage therapy, something I had previously ignored. From the first impression on the website, to the first meeting and on-going treatment, I have found Rachel to be extremely professional, very friendly, and at the same time providing valuable advice and insight into my recovery and exercises etc. I can try. Rachel quickly identified that the issues with my knee were actually related to adhesion of the myofasical layer, and with a few sessions of work on the knee, I am now able to exercise freely and haven’t needed the knee brace for over 2 months. We have since worked on several other niggling areas with success. Thank you Rachel, I highly recommend you to anyone.” 17 November 2011, via email

Tim K. “Rachel is a professional and results focussed massage therapist, who listens to her clients and tailors treatment to their specific needs. I would recommend her to anyone.” 15 September 2011, LinkedIn

Lisa S. "Rachel has a very relaxed and approachable manner that puts you at ease quickly. She provides a great massage service where I come away with knots gone and a deep feeling of well being. She also questions, listens and provide suggestions and ideas that I can work on in your own time to assist recovery or improve results. I highly recommend her services" 22 August 2011, LinkedIn

Ben K. “As a (very) amateur but pretty driven runner, I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my performance. A few weeks before running my first full marathon I contact Rachel who I'd known previously, to ask whether sports massage would help me. I've always been a little reluctant to invest in massage and the like - preferring to battle through the pain and just do longer and longer miles. Rachel showed me how quality is more important than quantity and specifically helped with some niggling pain issues I'd been having for quite some time. Rachel is a professional therapist who has a deep understanding of sports and it's impacts on physiology. I would recommend Rachel for anyone looking for a friendly, professional and relaxed massage therapist.” 9 August 2011, LinkedIn 

General wellbeing

Jo K. "I LOVE my monthly visits Rachel - I go in with aches and pains from sitting at a computer all day and come out feeling fantastic. She really knows her stuff and is also a really lovely person. I started seeing her with referred pain from my (highly) frozen shoulder. She is very practical so there was no bullshit about curing my shoulder it was more about keeping the rest of me in tip-top condition until my shoulder started to thaw. Once that started she went to work on it and now I have better movement with my arm than I had before it froze! I love her wonderful holistic approach to treatment its not just about a massage its about creating a stronger body. She is always coming up with easy solutions e.g. standing on one leg when brushing your teeth! I also love her fantastic online booking system - so easy to make appointments, you get text reminders and its simple to change your booking to another day – no need to wait for someone to call you back - in my busy day that’s PERFECT!" 30 Jan 2015, via email

Catherine G. “Rachel is amazing at easing all my aches and pains. She explains what she is doing and ensures that she takes into account all my complexities from having chronic health conditions. A wonderful experience.” 11 November 2011, LinkedIn

Kelvin Y. “Rachel has great depth of knowledge with the service she provided. The consultation/therapy session comes with clear understandable diagnosis of the symptom and the course of treatment she'll undertake and any self-help exercises to help preventing the symptom to reoccur or worsen in the future.” 3 October 2011, LinkedIn

Oliver M. “I went to see Rachel after my stroke and she has worked wonders with my various muscle-related issues. She has found the cause and worked diligently to resolve the issue. She struck just the right balance between professionalism and friendliness. I heartily recommend her for any massage-related work and believe she can provide results that ordinary physio's can't. Her business is very "switched on" with online bookings, web-based gift vouchers and EFTPOS facilities making the whole process very simple.” 22 September 2011, LinkedIn


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