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Opening hours:

10.30am - 7pm
10.30am - 7pm
10.30am - 7pm
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If, for some reason you aren't able to book online, please contact us directly.  Or if you want to check for any appointments that have opened up due to a late cancellation, please call or text us.

Our rates are (all prices include GST):

Therapeutic Massage 60min $95
(sports, deep tissue, relaxation etc) 90min $140
  30min $55
Thermal Stone Massage 60min $110
  90min $155

** Payment options - you can pay by cash, or conveniently by EFTPOS.
You can also purchase a Gift Voucher for any of these services.

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*** Cancellation Policy - We understand that sometimes things happen and you're not able to make your appointment.  If that happens, we'd really appreciate if you could email, txt or call to let us know at least 24 hours before. That way we can offer your time slot to someone else.  We respect your time, and ask that you respect ours so you may be charged a late cancellation fee if you don't advise us beforehand.   Thanks Smile

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