COVID-19 update

** Update - 8 June 2020 **

From Tuesday 9 June the Bodyworks clinic will operate under Alert Level 1 requirements. 

This means we can remove the restrictions we had in place for physical distancing and return to our full roster and we won't need to wear masks. We will however, continue to maintain our high level of hygiene with regards to cleaning and sanitizing. We also have the NZ COVID Tracer QR code poster at the front door for you to use to keep track of your own movements. We'll continue to use our booking system for our own contact tracing purposes.

We also remind you to contact us to reschedule your appointment if you are unwell - that's common sense - we don't want therapists catching your cold and passing it on.

From us at Bodyworks, we'd like to acknowledge everyone who played their part in getting our country through Levels 2, 3 and 4 - especially the front-line and essential workers. For clients who stuck by us - buying vouchers to prepay as well as booking in one we reached Level 2 - we thank you.

** Update - 14 May 2020 **

Congratulations - you made it to Alert Level 2 SmileWE ARE RE-OPENING THE CLINIC ON MONDAY 18 MAY.

If you had a booking in our schedule for after we closed the clinic, you get priority rebooking and one of our therapists will be in touch with you personally. 

Online booking will re-open on Friday 15 May.

Things will be a little different at Bodyworks Massage Therapy for a while.

We need your help to keep yourself, our therapists, and our wider community safe.

Here’s how:

  • We’ve limited appointments to 60 minutes – this is a short-term measure to reduce the length of time you are in close contact with your therapist. If you’re used to 90mins, we’ll offer that again soon! Frown
  • We’ll only have TWO therapists rostered at any time – this reduces the number of people in the clinic each day, but means you may not get your first choice of time slot
  • Only come in if you are healthy and well – if you have any underlying health conditions that put you at higher risk, or have any symptoms such as a fever, sore throat or cough – please stay home
  • You’ll receive a pre-screening form by SMS – please complete this before your appointment
  • Wait in your car until your appointment time – we want to reduce your contact with other people, so we’ve removed the waiting area chairs. Just come in at your appointment time
  • Hand sanitize before you come in and before you leave – we’ve supplied some at the front door
  • Take off jewellery before you arrive – leave it at home, where it’s safe
  • Your therapist will wear a single-use mask Sealedduring the hands-on part of your session – you’re welcome to bring your own as well
  • Please bring your own water bottle – and leave it in your car for after your appointment
  • We may release your details to the MoH for the purposes of contact tracing – but ONLY if required. We keep all data securely within our booking system, Timely.

We’ve also introduced extra hygiene processes in clinic – including longer gaps between appointments, additional linen, new bins, covered retail displays, signage etc

We also have a very extensive document “Bodyworks Massage Therapy - Health and Hygiene Protocols for COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Clinic Operations” should you care to read it.

And finally - we've had to bring in small price increase of $5 on 1 hour appointments - this will go towards the costs of masks, extra cleaning and reduced appointments. We hope you understand.

Thanks for playing your part in keeping us all safe :)

Cheers Cool

Rachel, Marama, Victoria, Kim and Lucy the greyhound

** Update - 12 May 2020 **

Hello and welcome to the final stretch before Alert Level 2. WE WILL BE RE-OPENING THE CLINIC ON MONDAY 18 MAY.

If you had a booking in our schedule for after we closed the clinic, you will get priority rebooking and one of our therapists will be in touch with you personally. Then we will reopen online bookings. There will be some changes to our processes and we will have full Clinic Health & Hygiene protocols in place. We will let you know how this will affect you over the next couple of days.

Until then, thank you for your patience!

** Update - 9 May 2020 **

Bodyworks Massage Therapy will most likely open as we move into Alert Level 2. 
We 're pretty confident we'll be open again soon.  Please be patient though - we still need to confirm our new pre-screening and hygiene protocols, ensure we have all the right equipment and staff are all up-to-speed. So when the government announce a shift to Alert Level 2, we may not move straight away. We will also be giving priority to clients who has bookings when we closed down - they will have the opportunity to rebook before we open our bookings publicly.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported us through this tough time by buying vouchers to effectively pre-pay for their next session. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

** Update - 20 April 2020 **

Bodyworks Massage Therapy will remain closed as we move into Alert Level 3. 
We will let you know as soon as we know what Alert Level 2 will look like for Massage Therapy. Our governing organization, Massage New Zealand, is working closely with the Ministry of Health and gathering information to develop pre-screening and hygiene protocols for a robust plan for when we can return to work.

Please feel free to keep in touch. If you'd like to support us during this really tough time, then please consider buying a gift voucher. This will provide us with some much needed cashflow and you'll be able to receive your massage as soon as we're open again. 

** Update - 25 March 2020 **

Bodyworks Massage Therapy is now closed under the Government  Alert Level 4 until further notice

** Update - 22 March 2020 **

Bodyworks Massage Therapy will be closed temporarily from Sunday 22 March as a precautionary measure to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

This was both an easy and difficult decision to make. Easy, because I can not guarantee the safety of my clients or the therapists who work here. But it was also a really, really difficult decision, because Marama, Victoria and Kim all depend on their income from working here, and between us there are hundreds of clients I feel I’m letting down.

I came to this decision because so much has happened in the past 7 days, and there will be a lot more happening in the next 7 days. I want to be part of the solution, not the problem. The Government has made it clear that physical distancing is important to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus. I quote “…apply physical distancing principles at work and minimise face-to-face contact with customers wherever possible…

That’s impossible to do in a massage room – it doesn’t get much closer contact than massage. And despite us increasing our already high hygiene standards, I still CAN NOT guarantee client and therapist safety. We also work with a number of older people, and clients who are, or have close family who are, immune-compromised. I must protect them too.

I chose this profession 10 years ago because I wanted to be of service to people. To help people. That hasn’t changed, and I truly believe the best way I can help my clients, my community and my country is to close and remain closed until it’s deemed safe to reopen.

Rest assured; WE WILL BE BACK! I’m putting things in place to keep the business alive behind the scenes, and that includes assisting the other therapists where I can. I also have plans to provide a service if you need any advice regarding ongoing pain or movement issues.

In the meantime, I’m still available on our Facebook page, email, text or regular old phone! I’d really, really appreciate any words of encouragement for Marama, Victoria and Kim – please feel free to drop a note on the Facebook post!

Until next time, take care, and be kind

Rachel Ah Kit
Clinic Director
Bodyworks Massage Therapy

** Update - 17 March 2020 **

We care about your health and well-being, as well as that of our therapists. We are checking regularly with the Ministry of Health to ensure that we operate here using best-practice hygiene guidelines. Rest assured, we have always had high-standard clinic hygiene practices in place to keep both you and us safe, and we are taking extra precautions to disinfect hard surfaces more regularly. 

If you are feeling well, have not travelled overseas, or been in close contact with anyone who has within the past 14 days you are able to come in for massage.

If you are feeling unwell (coughing, sneezing or a fever) or you have returned from overseas in the past 14 days, or been in close contact with someone who has and it's more than 24 hours until your appointment, you can click on the link in your confirmation email to cancel or reschedule your appointment, or if it's less than 24 hours, please contact us directly.

Keep yourself safe:

  • Wash your hands often with lots of soap and water
  • Only use alcohol-based hand sanitiser if soap and water is not available
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or cover your mouth and nose with a tissue (and dispose of it)
  • Clean surfaces regularly
  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell
  • Stay at home if you are sick

If you feel unwell, please ring Healthline on the dedicated Covi-19 number: 0800 358 5453 or ring your GP.