Bodyworks Massage Therapy is currently operating at Alert Level 1 from midday Wednesday 12 August. Click for the full update ** COVID-19 update - 22 September 2020 **

At Bodyworks Massage Therapy it's all about results for you.  Whether you're a “weekend warrior” who hits the streets, fields or hills and want to go faster, harder or longer, or if you want to relieve the stress and strain of a hard week at work or running around after the kids – we can help you get your body workingBook online or check the schedule for our Christchurch based clinic now!

(If you're new to us and book online, please complete the New Client Intake Form after you've booked using the button above.)

We'll work with you to develop a personalised massage treatment plan to help Bodyworks_Massage_therapeutic_massageyou achieve your goals, whether you want to:

  • reduce your pain or discomfort

  • treat your injuries
  • enhance your performance
  • decrease your stress levels
  • simply relax and take time out for yourself

We use a variety of techniques as well as active and passive movements, combined to provide you with the best possible treatment - whatever your condition or issue is.  


If you suffer from headaches or migraine, if you feel like you're carrying a lot of tension in your shoulders and upper back, if you ever get tingling or numbness in your hands or fingers, have sciatica, or lower back pain, or you just know that your body isn't moving the same as it used to, then massage therapy can help you. If you exercise regularly, especially if you compete in events, therapeutic massage will help you recover faster, reduce the risk of injury and can even help you run, bike or paddle faster or pass, punch or kick harder!