Sitting is killing you

Many of my clients have heard me tell them that the human body isn't designed to sit for long periods of time. In fact to paraphrase Grant Schofield the body is designed to be in more or less constant motion on uneven ground.

And yet, we are spending longer and longer sitting on our asses; at our desks, on the sofa, in the car....and it's killing us.

Check out the article below for some stats - you can click on it to enlarge it.

But from my perspective, I see clients every day with lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, tingling/numbness in hands and fingers, and headaches and migraine - all stemming from too much time sitting.  Your body literally gets LOCKED into a seated posture. It thinks that sitting is normal. And your muscles all get used to being in this position and want to stay there. So when you try to stand, your muscles don't want to stretch out of the sitting position - and you get pain!

Massage can definitely help lengthen out thost muscles that shorten up when you're sitting, but really the only thing that will have lasting effects is to GET UP OUT OF THAT CHAIR AND MOVE!!!!!! 

I'm not sure if you heard me? GET UP OUT OF YOUR CHAIR AND MOVE! NOW!!!

Then click here to book an appointment with me so I can help you unlock your body from your seated posture and reduce some of that pain or discomfort!

Sitting is Killing You

Posted: Tuesday 9 August 2011


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