Bring back Free-Range kids!

Kids are now confined for good parts of their childhood and are on average 30% less active in weekends. Lack of physical activity is a major health issue!

It's said that this generation of kids may be the first in human history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Seriously.  That is appalling.  As parents and anyone with responsibility for the wellbeing of children WE have caused this.  We have a created a "bubble-wrap" generation - where kids are not allowed to take risks.  They are driven everywhere.  Their play is supervised and structured.  And they spend FAR too much time indoors, sitting, playing on computers and playstations. 

If you want to find out more about this, watch this video from the Rebuild Christchurch website.  Grant Schofield* talks about his views on free-range kids, and what we can do in Canterbury to help kids regain that freedom that many of us took for granted when we were kids. 

What are your thoughts on this??

*Grant is Director of the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition at Auckland University of Technology and he also spoke at the recent TEDxEQChCh event

Posted: Tuesday 21 June 2011


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