Can't shake that cold?

From Monday 24 January we will operate at Red requirements. You MUST bring your Vaccine Pass to the clinic (unless you've been recently and we've recorded your pass details). Please read our COVID-19 Update for more information. 

So, the weather is getting colder. Have you had the first cold of the season yet? And has it hung round longer than you'd like?

It could be your immune system having a bad time. Stress, especially the kind of "overload" stress many of us Cantabrians are having post-EQ from disrupted sleep and constant aftershocks, can compromise our immunity.

Now, stress can affect us in so many ways - affecting our immune system is just one way.

Our immune system plays a critical role in keeping us healthy - it's a complex set of defenses that helps us fight off diseases at a microscopic level - from simple bacteria and viruses, through to aggressive cancers.  But it stops working efficiently if we are under stress. 

Stress, the "fight or flight" response to a situation, is supposed to be a short term response.  During this response our body is focused on fighting or running.  So, it temporarily diverts resource away from systems that aren't needed - immunity, digective, reproductive.  And once we calm down, they kick in again.  But if we don't calm down - if the stress becomes chronic - and becomes a daily thing (like aftershocks!) these systems won't work properly.

So, if you find that you're feeling run down,and struggling to shake colds/flu or other illness - it's possible thatyou may be more stressed than you think.

You need to find ways to reduce that stress - and a great way to do that, is with massage!

Posted: Sunday 29 May 2011