Stress massage for those seriously quake affected

While the region begins the big clean up and rebuild, my thoughts and support go out to everyone who has been seriously affected.  A few broken glasses, which is what I had to contend with, is nothing compared with what many people around the Christchurch area are having to now deal with.   I've witnessed some of the devastation around the city and seen more than enough pictures and heard plenty of stories to know that there's a lot of hard work ahead for the whole city and surrounds. 

Fortunately the clinic here is well out of the CBD and is not affected by the curfew and so, it's business as usual. So, I'd like to do something to support people who are having to cope with the stress of destroyed homes or businesses, or those who have been involved in the clean-up process.  This stress will take it's toll and that's where I hope I can help.  If you or someone you know has been seriously affected by the earthquake, I'd like to offer stress relief massage at a negotiable rate - just pay what you can.  Just book in, or buy a voucher, let me know how you or your friend/family member has been affected and tell me what you're able to pay for a one hour stress relief massage - usually $65 for one hour.  (Valid until the end of September and only for those genuinely affected - I still have a business to run and bills to pay)

Take care

Posted: Monday 6 September 2010


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