A bit about Victoria

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A bit about Victoria
It was a courageous decision for Victoria to train as a massage therapist because of the need to work so closely one-on-one with clients. With autism, Victoria must work harder to “read” people and establish good therapeutic relationships with clients. At times it can still be a challenge and occasionally clients will believe she’s being dismissive, or not listening. Which is why Victoria and Rachel decided to make it clear to clients and potential clients that Victoria’s quirks are part of who she is.
Some people may think it’s a risky move to go public with this information, but Rachel says, “I decided to take on Victoria as a therapist because she’s so passionate about helping people and spent two long years training to be a massage therapist, that I felt she deserved the same opportunity as someone who is neurotypical. Victoria is really smart, focused and a valued member of the team and continues to work hard to provide the best service she can to our clients. People on the spectrum often face discrimination in the workplace, and life in general, because they communicate and interact with others differently. I don’t want that to happen here.”

Posted: Tuesday 15 June 2021