From Thursday 14 April we will operate at updated Orange Traffic Light requirements. Because of the close nature of massage therapy, we request that you still wear your mask to the clinic and during your whole session. Please read our COVID-19 Update for more information. 

Lucy the Greyhound

Lucy the Greyhound

Lucy the greyhound is a retired racer.  She finished her racing career in September 2013, and has since adapted incredibly well to retired life, spending most of her days sleeping in the clinic, or outside nappin in the sun.  Occasionally, she'll get up to greet or farewell a client, charming them with her quiet, relaxed, if what somewhat aloof nature Wink - and allowing them to stroke her head or scratch her ears.

As international research has shown that interaction with pets can help with lowering blood pressure and maintaining a sense of calm in a person, Lucy is perfectly suited to this role.

Lucy joined the clinic in January 2014, after being adopted by Rachel via the greyhound adoption programme - Greyhounds As Pets. You're welcome to make a donation to the charity - there's a donation box in the clinic reception.

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