10 Health Benefits of Relaxation

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In this busy, fast-paced world we barely have time to breathe, let alone relax.  This article from The Huffington Post gives you 10 clear reasons it's important you learn to relax. It can:

  1. Reduce your risk of heart attack, high-blood pressure and other heart problems
  2. Decrease your chance of catching a cold
  3. Boost your memory and cognitive function
  4. Lower your risk of stroke
  5. Help minimise depression by increasing your levels of dopamine & seratonin
  6. Give you better decision making skills
  7. Discourage you from eating bad foods - high in sugar and fat
  8. Reduce skin flare-ups such as pimples, acne or psoriasis
  9. Improve your sex life
  10. Slow the progression of breast cancer and speed up recovery

There's many positive ways to relax such as exercising, reading a booking, meditating - and even having a massage!

So, give your body a break and relax. 

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Posted: Thursday 19 April 2012