Roadworks around the Bodyworks clinc

From Monday 24 January we will operate at Red requirements. You MUST bring your Vaccine Pass to the clinic (unless you've been recently and we've recorded your pass details). Please read our COVID-19 Update for more information. 

*** UPDATE Sunday 21 November *** roadworks are now complete and there is full two-way access to the street. Thank you for your patience Smile

** UPDATE Monday 1 November - there is currently two-way access from the Edinburgh, but you're not able to park in front of the clinic. You can park across in Blakehall Place or further up Nairn St. You can ONLY exit via Edinburgh St and you also can't get back to Lincoln Road from Lyttelton St as there are roadworks there too!

** UPDATE Monday 18 October - works recommence after a week break. We're back to access from Lincoln Rd only. **

From Monday 13 September through to mid-December there are major roadworks surrounding the clinic with a one-way system in place. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but this work is outside our control.

Access is one-way FROM Lincoln Road only

If you normally arrive from the south, via Neville St and/or Edinburgh St, you'll need to circle around to Barrington St and onto Lincoln Rd from there.

Exit from Nairn St may also one-way onto Edinburgh St. There may not be street parking outside the clinic, but there should be parking on Blakehall Place across from the clinic.