Telecom Christchurch

Welcome to Telecom staff across Christchurch.

Bodyworks Massage Therapy is delighted to be back offering Telecom staff massage therapy services. Many of you will know of us, and many will have been lucky enough to receive massage therapy from Rachel or Liz post-earthquake at the SWAMPs.

This page is for your use/access only (so you won't find it in the menu) and will contain any updates to our services. It will also be a source of information to help you through the tough times we're all going through. Bookmark it now, so you can find it again in a hurry!


(Please don't try to use the book online button on the top menu, this won't have all the Telecom locations! But if 15 minutes just isn't long enough for you, and you'd like to see us at the usual clinic, then feel free to book!)

How do I pay for my session?
You can pay online via PayPal or you can pay after your session via EFTPOS or cash.
The sessions are $16 each.

What happens during the massage?
It's a 15 minute session, and you'll stay clothed, although it's best to take off bulky jackets or sweaters.
Unless you say otherwise, the massage will focus on your neck, shoulders and upper back, where you'll get the most discomfort when you're sitting at work.
The massage will be given either on a professional massage table or a special massage chair. This is to ensure both your comfort as well as the therapists.

What can you expect from the massage?
Mostly it's a bit of time to yourself. Therapeutic touch such as massage will also help with decreasing stress and anxiety - something we know all too well in Christchurch now. It may also help you sleep better, give your more energy, and reduce tiredness.

What if I have pain elsewhere?
Talk to your therapist. We're trained to provide remedial massage therapy, so we can treat most injuries/pain. If it's appropriate then we can also provide massage to your lower back, upper chest, arms, or legs. If it's something that we feel needs a full massage therapy session, then we may suggest you book in with us.

So, don't wait. There are limited spots at each location and it's first-in, first-served.

We look forward to starting to see you all from next week!

Rachel and the Bodyworks Massage team


We've got a Private Room at Matipo St now!

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