Hayley Bennet

From Monday 24 January we will operate at Red requirements. You MUST bring your Vaccine Pass to the clinic (unless you've been recently and we've recorded your pass details). Please read our COVID-19 Update for more information. 

Hayley Bennet

Hayley loves learning about the human body and how massage can assist with someone’s pain and overall wellbeing. Hayley is especially interested in helping sports people perform at their best, whether they are weekend warriors or professionals. Having previously been a Jockey, Hayley understands the importance of not only physical, but mental wellbeing as well. She has also worked with sporting teams and competitors to help them reach their goals.

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Hayley holds a Diploma of Clinical Massage Therapy from the New Zealand College of Massage.  She is also a Level 6 Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with Massage New Zealand, the professional association for massage therapists.  As a RMT, Hayley must undertake ongoing professional training, teaching and/or research.

When Hayley isn’t at the clinic you will probably find her exercising racehorses at Riccarton Racecourse, or burning off some energy with her Jack Russell.


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